The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Inside Office Plants

Inside Office Plants 3

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise- live, super-fresh, potted inside office plants will not only enhance the overall appearance of the room, but they will also significantly increase your productivity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants. Furthermore, their low maintenance makes them perfect office plants. You definitely would want to miss the joy these plants bring.

Now there is quite a wide variety of office plants at Deedman office plants UK to choose from. Of course, this will solely depend on your taste, specific needs, and available space. With so many different choices to choose from, let’s have a look at some of the best plants for the office.

Spider PlantsInside Office Plants

Spider plants are not only cool to have around the office, but research indicates that these low maintenance plants have loads of benefits, including improving air quality, eliminating air pollutants, and reducing stress. This is according to research conducted at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Pothos are characterized by large, green, heart-shaped leaves, which certainly make them a lovely addition to your office setting. They do not require a lot of maintenance and generally adapt well to a range of office conditions, from low light to bright levels. Place them on your desk, shelf, or table and enjoy its immense benefits.


Philodendrons make perfect inside office plants mostly because there is quite a wide variety. Research indicates there are more than 900 species, which is quite a huge selection to choose from. Their two major groups are climbing and non-climbing. Climbing Philodendrons are perfect for adding height to small areas. You can hang them on baskets or sit them on office cabinets. They are easy to grow, care for, and do well in a variety of office conditions.

Snake Plant

Perfect for screening or focal interest, snake plant is quite attractive, with sword-like leaves that grow significantly tall. They make a lovely addition to an office setting and like many inside office plants, they require low maintenance.


Want to add some height to small spaces in your office? Well, this indoor tree is a perfect choice. It’s shiny and attractive leaves add some glamor to your indoor space. It requires medium to high light, so sitting them on a table near the window is recommended.

Other incredible office plants to look out for include;

• Anthuriums

• Nephthytis

• Aglaonema

• Dracaena

• Palms

• Ferns

• Cactus Plants

Tips for Selecting a Good Office Plant

Inside Office Plants 2So, what makes a good inside office plant? Well, first, office plants are best suited for this particular setting mainly because they do not require high amounts of light to thrive. Another thing to consider is the growth rate of the plant. The faster it grows, the more maintenance it will require, which is something you wouldn’t want at all. Regarding maintenance, low maintenance plants, especially those that require relatively low amounts of water are the most perfect. Size is also an important consideration. You don’t want a plant that will practically overshadow every other element in your office. Appearance is also crucial as one of the main reasons for bringing them in the office is to enhance its overall appearance.

There you have it- every single information you need regarding inside office plants. Selecting the right one will certainly be a breeze!