What You Should Know Before Buying an Automatic Litter Box

automatic cat liter box

The best discovery to have ever been made after the sliced bread is the automatic litter box. Before we look at what you should know before buying an automatic litter box, let’s bring you up to speed with a few facts. First, the automatic litter box is self-cleaning. After the cat has used it, it cleans itself and deposits the waste into a container that is a receptacle. This container should be made of plastic. After every two days, you empty the plastic box.

Secondly, cats, by their very nature, are shy, so what is a better way than invest in an automatic litter box? Never rush a purchase of an automatic litter box. Always put the following into consideration:

Space Available

The market is saturated with models of automatic litter boxes. Compare the space that you have against the bulkiness and size of the model before deciding what to buy. If you do not have enough space, go for smaller models.

Level of Human Supervision

Regardless of the price and technology deployed into making the model, it will never function 100% on its own. The cat will, at times, mess on the handles, and you have to scoop the poop physically. The plastic bags and trays have to be changed continuously, and these require human input.


pet litter boxOut of thousands automatic litter box reviews we read online, a few mentioned this important factor. Never overrun your budget when buying any item. Stick to what you had planned to save. However, remember that what is cheap is not necessarily of low quality.

Some models cost as much as $700 while others go for a paltry $100. In most cases, the cheaper models usually are very bulky while the most expensive ones are small. Secondly, the smaller models generally can be linked to the home’s sewer system, reducing the work that you would have done.

The Cat’s Habit

The cats have specific behavior patterns. Any change may affect it. If the cat is used to litter instead of crystals, then when you are buying a new model, have it incorporated. The change in environment has more impact on the older cats rather than the younger ones. Carefully study how your cat urinates as this will influence the model you buy.

Number of Cats

Different models are designed to carry a certain number of cats. Others can only accommodate one cat at a time. If you have many cats, look for a box that will not only be able to accommodate them but also their waste. It should not be too small such that you have to keep moving back and forth trying to empty it. Alternatively, contact the manufacturer and have one tailored for your clowder.

Additional Costs

There are several running costs associated with the automatic litter box. Some of the running costs are the plastic bags, cleaning detergents, trays, crystals, etc. These costs are significant since they make your litter box useful.

Meanwhile, as you look at the factors stated above, also remember that there are little issues such as where the box should be placed. Is it near a power or water source? Finally, consider the clumping that will be used in the litter box.