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Chess – A Game Of Strategy

Chess is a board game that millions of people around the world play on a daily basis. It is a game of strategy, and both amateurs and professionals engage in this game. If you want to learn how to play and have just received one of the many beautiful wood chess sets as a gift, then you have come to the right post.

Before we go into the game, let us learn a little about the history of the game and how much popular it is around the world.

Some history

Chess is a game that has been around for a couple of centuries now, chessand the current powers and looks of the game came about in Spain around the late 15th century. The roots of chess can be traced back to 7th century India and Eastern strategy games. Now there are many championships held around the world. There is the world championship, Woman’s world championship, and even a World junior championship. It has developed so much that now you can also play with computers. In fact, in 1997 a computer beat the reigning world champ at that time.

How is it played?

Chess is played on a checkered black and white board. Each player starts off with 16 pieces that are arranged on each side of the board. The first-row closer to the player has the king and queen in the center and on each side a bishop, knight, and rook. The row in front of those pieces are the eight pawns. The player who has the white side goes first, and if playing on a timer, the game needs to be played fast if not can go on for hours.

When playing one must think three or four moves ahead including the possible reactions from the opponent and what a possible next move would be from you. It is a game that helps build one’s thinking and many intelligent minds like to play it on a regular basis.

chess 2Buying a chess board

If you want to play the game and have a board in your house. You can buy one online. There are so many designs and sizes available, and you can choose one that fits your interior and budget. Wooden ones are often preferred as they add some elegance to the home and look beautiful too. There are also miniature magnetic sets that can be used when traveling.

Some of the Greatest Sandbox Games on PC

By combining diversity, freedom, and versatility, Sandbox games are some of the ideal games you can find today on the market. They are available in different genres, which allow you to choose the category you prefer for your children. However, before you settle on one, you should remember to review them and consider the best that will give you value for your cash. Getting the best sandbox games will give you the satisfaction that you greatly need. Below is a review of some of the four greatest sandbox games available on PC that you can purchase.



Sandbox GamesIt is one of the purest modern sandbox games due to its features and qualities. It comes as more of a tool than a game. It has symbolic sandpit that you can mold into giant castles, complex circuits, or gigantic spaceships stretched up in the sky. It has few limitations, which are far between and make it capture the principle of playing by allowing you to do what you want because of the tools it gives you to create your own experience. Minecraft is a game that both children and adults can enjoy playing because it bridges the gap between different groups of players.

Grand Theft Auto V

This type comes from the Rockstars and gives you an opportunity to explore every street with fun. It offers you with new groups of individuals to interact with, innovative buildings to explore, as well as new terrains to experiment on as you play. In has simulation that provides an exaggeration of rural and urban America in which having in mind a few firearms can cause conflict in the street leading to wild chases by the police. Garand Theft Auto V contains its own comprehensive toolkit that ensures exploitation of your creativity.

Scrap Mechanic

Another exciting sandbox game on PC is the Scrap Mechanic, which have features allowing you to engage your creativity as well as involve your mind in managing the extrapolation of the characteristics into masterpieces of your choice. It encourages you to gain momentum with all the components that move and bring to life all your static castles through an extensive unlocking mechanism. You only have to use just a handful of essential elements to make different creations such as hover machines, tanks, and cars.

Elite: Dangerous

playing Sandbox GamesIt is also one of the greatest space games on the computer giving you over two hundred worlds to trade with and visit. It has a galaxy size, a phenomenon that not only intimidates but also bewilders. You have the opportunity to simulate your own universe using a scale in which you can chase down bounties, fulfill requests for products and assistance, and trade with stations.


Planet Nomads

This is another exciting sandbox game that you should try out. You will play the role of an astronaut who crash-lands on a planet. You will then have to fight for survival using your skills. And you are tasked to build your shelter as well as other equipment.

Neopia 2

Critical Information on Neopets

Neopets is a virtual community where gamers own pets and play games in a community that have almost everything like in the regular world. The Neopets website allows new users to log and set up an account for free. Upon creating an account, the new user is eligible to get a pet, play games and take part in the in the many activities. Of Neopia. Neopia is a hub of activities. Which includes, gaming, purchasing, and taking care of pets.

Critical info


There are numerous games in Neopia which include puzzles, luck, and chanNeopiace, kacheek among others. By playing games, the users earn points. Each game has it’s set maximum earning. The players can also receive trophies and other awards.

There are single and multi-player games as well. There is also talent showcasing in tournaments judged by staff. There are monthly competitions for the multiplayer games with elimination.

Stock market

The Neopia stock market is called Neodaq. Users of Neopia sell and buy shares in the Neodaq. Users use Neopoints to purchase stocks and purchase neo pet items as well. Users can sell items buy items and open shops as well as auctioning and trading.

Taking care of Neopets

The user gets a pet in the virtual world of Neopia. They are expected to feed and care for the pets when they get ill. From earning points, the user will be able to purchase food for their pets. To be able to take of your pet you need to be rich. The Neopets can also get pets and items such as clothes.

The Neopets don’t die due to hunger, but ill health can limit their game play. The user can customize a new home for his pet and furnish it. They can also be accessorized and change color using the color portion.


Neopia charactersNeopia is a virtual world inhabited by Neopets and other creatures. It has fantasy lands each with its theme such as prehistoric times and pirates. Each land also has its shops attractions, games, and adventures. In Neopia, they also get to celebrate Christmas and Halloween. Their time zone goes concurrently with the normal time.

Users can tour different lands to play games and buy items at a lower price. Some of the lands in Neopia are Maraqua, Mystery Land, The Lost Desert, Tyrannia, and faerie land. The central of Neopia is pet Central where you can get everything.

Neopets has been dominating the children world since 2000. There has been a lot of issues concerning Neopets, but it remains a top game. The game is played by children from the age of 13 and going up to 18. Being a Neopian entails a lot of skills most of which can be applied in real world.